Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Station system up for 0 days 0 hours
Station system free memory n/a
This website uses CumulusMXMX (3.27.1-b3263) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 6 days 15 hours.

Component Statut Age
Latest update time as of
30/11/2023 14:19
CumulusMXMX realtime actuel 0:00:06 30/11/2023 14:19
CumulusMXMX FTP actuel 0:04:08 30/11/2023 14:15
CumulusMXMX weather data actuel 0:04:40 30/11/2023 14:15
CumulusMXMX NOAA report actuel 14:18:59 30/11/2023 00:00
Note: script(s) not current and need update(s):
OWM-forecast-lang.php File not installed
OWM-forecast.php File not installed
PW-forecast-lang.php File not installed
PW-forecast.php File not installed
Use this link for details.